By Christopher Ratcliff

The major problem with marketing and business jargon is that the majority of the people who use it, aren’t necessarily using it correctly…

“Watch me pivot this burrito right into my wheelhouse.”

“Sir, you have a call on line one.”

“Put them on hold, this is mission-critical synergy right here.”

“Oh god, I work for a monster.”

“Excuse me?”

“I said, I’ll fetch you a napkin.”

Buzzwords and jargon can merely add to the confusion and alienation of everyday working life, and certainly increase the chances you’ll end up locking yourself in the stationery cupboard for a hand-over-the-mouth scream on a daily basis.

To help you out, I’ve devised a quiz listing 25 of the most common buzzwords and phrases. Can you decipher them all?

But just remember, if you say any of the following non-ironically or at home to your friends and family, then you should go to prison…

Share your scores and Twitter and you might get a prize from us*

*The prize will be in emoji form. Emojis cannot be traded in for a cash alternative. If emoji isn’t suitable for recipient, then a Gif of angry Kanye will be substituted.

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