By Nikolay Stoyanov

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Understanding your audience is the hardest thing in copywriting.

Most of us know our target demographic and still, it is very hard for us to constantly create content that converts. In the end, without a loyal audience, there is no reason for you to write in the first place.

It is even harder to write for websites that are purely profit driven. In such cases, a writer has to have good understanding of a product, its advantages and flaws and how to properly present them. In other words, you have to understand a buyer’s intent.

Aligning your articles with your website

Although this is not in a direct connection with copy itself, it is definitely something that can affect your conversion rate. If you already have a commercial site, you need to create content that will be aligned with the general website theme.

Even though this will not make your article better, it prevents loss of customers who visited your website expecting to see one thing only to be greeted with something completely different.

Make sure to use your website to strictly write on topics that are connected to your products and services. Have in mind; these people came to your pages because they were interested in purchasing a product. If you use website’s blog as a way to vent, you will lose customers.

This doesn’t mean you should be narrow-minded. On the contrary, you can talk about state of your industry, modern technology that will improve products, characteristics of ingredients or parts, etc. But, avoid writing about irrelevant things. People will not only avoid these pages but it will also make you look less professional.

Creating truthful reviews

Whenever you review a product, make sure you’re honest.

Every product or service has its advantages and flaws. That is only to be expected. However, if you present your product in a superior way and it doesn’t deliver you will definitely lose that customer.

Here, we are able to manipulate with buyers intent. For example, if you are selling beds for hospitals, most of your clients will prefer having a comfortable product instead of a well-designed one. This way, you are able to present comfort as the biggest advantage of your bed and at the same time, you can mention that it doesn’t have the most popular design.


As buyers will not care about the design, they will see the review as a truthful one. With it, you can quickly improve your reputation in their eyes. And, if your product manages to deliver, you can be sure that the client will come to your website for more similar products.

This strategy can also be used if you have multiple similar products. Emphasizing advantages and disadvantages can explain why one of your products is cheaper and other is more expensive. It will also help customer make his decision.

In case your products are of lower quality than your competition, make sure to emphasize the price.

On the other hand, you do not have to go in details when it comes to characteristics. Instead, you can only mention some basic stuff such as the dimensions.

Giving direct answers to questions

There are two main reasons why people surf the internet: to learn something new or to buy a product.

Visitors who are searching for a product or service are not as patient as those who are looking for new knowledge. In fact, most of them wish to get quick info so they can form an opinion regarding an item. That being said, you need to be very careful when writing your articles.

People have short attention spans nowadays. Because of it, you will have to be very direct, concise and to give step-by-step instructions.

When people start reading a copy dedicated to a product, they do not wish to be entertained; they are not interested in quality of the article per sé. Instead, they need direct answers to their questions.

Presenting your company though an article is a great opportunity to add value and inform public about your operations. However, you need to be careful and give the audience just the right information they require otherwise, they will lose interest in you altogether.

With that, we come to our next point.

Proper research

Efficiency is one of the most important aspects for buyers as we’ve previously said. If a reader has an option, he will rather gather majority of the information in one place saving them valuable time.

That being said, you commercial articles shouldn’t only be direct and truthful, they also should be scientific.

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What does that mean?

Whenever you create an article pointed towards a potential customer, you should provide them with all the facts. Now, this data shouldn’t be affected by your personal opinion. Preferably, they should be backed up by scientific research.

In order to strengthen your claims regarding a product or a service, make sure to link out to authoritative websites within your niche. Individuals always need additional opinion before making a big purchase. Make sure to provide it, emphasizing benefits while downplaying downsides (as long as you do it in moderation) similar to what we explained in the second paragraph.

This will strengthen claims in your article which will give you overall credibility.


Content writing is always pointed towards readers. We are constantly trying to create things that will be read and which will persuade people to revisit our blog.

Ultimately, buyers are also readers. The main difference is in priorities. Recognizing the intent will allow us to make better copy.

As a business enterprise, you have to prioritize cold, hard facts. But, your pages have to remain interesting enough to suck a person in. This cannot be done through idle talk but by persuading people why they should give advantage to your company and product.

Nikolay Stoyanov is one of Bulgaria’s top SEO experts with more than eight years of practicing SEO and a contributor to SEW.

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