By Christopher Ratcliff


Google is adding more store visits data to AdWords distance reporting, available when measuring geographic performance of your ads.

At the moment you’re able to view your ads’ performance based on different locations, revealing the places your customers are located and the locations they’re most interested in visiting.

But now if you use the location extension you can see a distance report that will show store visits based on how far away people are from your store when they search.

To use an example from Google, if your store visit rate is highest within one mile of a store, you could apply targeting around that specific radius.

Store visits distance reporting is available for Search campaigns right now and will roll out to Shopping campaigns soon.

Google also stated that store visits performance is also coming soon to geographic and user locations reports too. This will show you which geographic areas are driving the most ad clicks resulting in a store visit.

Google data on Black Friday Shoppers

Ahead of Black Friday madness, Google has also released a bumper crop of data revealing shopping searches and store-foot-traffic trends for 2016.

Let’s take a quick look at the stats:

  • 76% of people search for something nearby on their smartphone visit a related business within a day.
  • Foot traffic is heaviest in the afternoon, but mobile shopping is all day long.
  • During Thanksgiving people don’t wait till 6pm for stores to open, 59% of mobile shopping searches happen earlier and long after doors close, peaking at 8pm.


  • On Black Friday, store foot traffic peaks in the afternoon between 12pm – 4pm. Mobile shopping searches on the other hand remain steady all day and peak in the evening.



  • By 10am on Black Friday, more than 1/4 of New England shoppers have stepped inside a store, the rest of the country lags behind by an hour. The same is true on mobile.


Source:: Search Engine Watch RSS