By Tereza Litsa


Halloween in the digital age involves a significant amount of searching until the right costume is picked. So what can we learn from this year’s searches?

Online search is the most popular way to discover a Halloween costume nowadays, as according to National Retail Federation, 35% of adults rely on searching to find their costumes.

Bing examined the trends on the searches from September to mid-October and it found that adults are actually more interested in performing such searches, compared to teens.

32% of the searches were made from people aged 35-49 and 28% of them were made from people aged 50-64. This is probably the reason why 72% of the searches occurred on PCs, with just 14% of them taking place on both tablet and mobile devices.

Halloween costume trends by age

Different age groups lead to different costume searches and apparently every generation has its own preferences:

  • Teens aged 13 to 17 are 473% more likely to search for Pokémon, compared to young adults aged 18 to 24.
  • Young adults aged 18 to 24 are 8% more likely to search for Little Mermaid than Deadpool.
  • Adults aged 25 to 34 are 10% more likely to search for Deadpool than Little Mermaid.
  • Adults aged 35 to 49 are 242% more likely to search for Harry Potter, at least compared to 25-34-year-olds.
  • Baby Boomers and Gen Xers aged 50 to 64 are 8% more likely to search for Alice in Wonderland than Pokémon.
  • Older Baby Boomers aged over 65 are both likely to search for Five Nights at Freddy’s and Deadpool.

Most popular superhero searches

There’s no surprise that the most popular search among comics and superheroes was “Suicide Squad” as its popularity (and the variety of costumes) reached a wide audience.

Most popular movie and TV costume searches

Star Wars is still the most popular choice in Halloween costumes, leaving behind Harry Potter and Ghostbusters, with Game of Thrones lacking the buzz it had the previous years.


Most popular Disney costume searches

Disney costumes are more about classic choices, for anyone feeling nostalgic enough to pick Alice in Wonderland, Little Mermaid, or Mickey Mouse.


Did any of these help you find your Halloween costume?

Source:: Search Engine Watch RSS