Why Choose SEO MediaTech?

SEO MediaTech is 100% owned by Sage Media, LLC. Dr. Kelley S. Mulhern is President and Co-founder of Sage Media, LLC. Her husband, Michael S. Mulhern is CEO & Co-founder of Sage Media, LLC. Mr. Mulhern is responsible for the day-to-day operations of SEO MediaTech and Dr. Kelley Mulhern is an active participant in all of our Digital Marketing Strategies and related services.

Our team has the experience and knowledge required to implement the right online marketing campaigns for your website. We know how to drive qualified visitors to your website and convert them into patients for your healthcare practice.

Dr. Kelley S. Mulhern is a licensed healthcare professional with 20+ years experience running healthcare practices as an owner. Michael Mulhern has 23 years of experience in the technology space and has worked for some of the largest companies in the world, including 13 years with Bank of America and Hewlett-Packard. In addition, Michael has a double major in Accounting and Finance and spent many years in public accounting and investment banking before moving into the technology space.

We have the experience of a healthcare professional and a technology expert to provide excellent marketing services for the success of your online business.

Whatever you online digital marketing needs are, we will exceed your expectations. We deliver complete analysis, real time reports that are the most accurate in the industry, and provided you a clear, easy to understand approach that is results oriented.