By Ann Smarty


What tools do you have in your toolkit to help you find prospects? LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, an email subscription list, etc.?

All of these are great, but wouldn’t it be good to automate the process, and bring in more targets?

Of course it would!

Basic tips to increase leads

Before investing into tools, make sure you have some basic things in order:

  • Make sure your pages are super fast. A slowly loading page is one of the most frequent reasons for a bounce. Use Page Speed tool to find what’s slowing your site down.
  • Make sure your pages are hosted reliably. Downtime means your site will not even have a chance to convert. Use Uptime Report that monitors uptime on major hosting platforms
  • Make sure your site is mobile-friendly. Most of your visitors are likely to load your pages from a mobile device. Use Mobile-Friendly Test tool from Google.

Tools to generate more leads

These are the 10 tools that will help you do it (and know what to do with those leads when you find them).


Webinars have been found to be one of the most effective ways to collect leads.

ClickMeeting is the webinar hosting platform which is simple to use and has API for just about any other lead management software you are using.

ClickMeeting is surprisingly affordable and truly reliable. You can also use polls and surveys during your webinar to better engage your audience.



We all know one of the best forms of lead generation: information from the target themselves. Forms have been a staple for marketers for ages, but they took a bit of a sag online when they became too cumbersome, and were asking too many questions.

Leadformly creates sharp, well made forms that actually convert. No more struggling to come up with questions that can actually help you make a sale; this tool will guide you through the process, and use their expertise to generate questions that work for you. They start at just $49 per month, which has 250 leads per month.

But if you’re willing to pay a little more, you can get more than 100,000 leads per month with their Team package. Be sure to check out their webinar.

There is a serious lack of useful, easy to use B2B prospecting platforms out there. This one on the top of the list as one of the best. is simple, has a ton of features, and it generates a lot of leads between businesses that you might have missed with other tools.

Don’t let the 12 minute explainer video fool you, anyone can use this tool without any fuss. Right now it is in beta release, so it will probably have a couple of bugs and issues.

But the foundation for the service is solid, and there will be future feature releases to come in later versions. It is worth requesting an invite and becoming an early adopter.



LeadGenius isn’t about generating a lot of leads, it is about generating better ones. It targets the best possible prospects, and gets accurate, up to date contact information for them.

Then it helps you best engage with each one, so you are using a more snappy, effective form of interaction that leads to better results.

I see this as a great tool for influencer marketing in particular, since it helps you to gauge the best targets out of the millions of people floating around cyberspace.



While emails, forms, chatbots and social media are all important sales and customer engagement tools, phone calls still remain the number one point of contact.

Many people would prefer to make a call than speak to someone in a chatroom, because it allows them to interact more freely. Likewise, sales agents can upsell or snag initial signups better over the phone than they can online.

Ringostat works to get more people calling from your website. They claim this can improve conversions from your site by up to 50%.



You have probably heard about this tool before, but if you have never used it I cannot recommend it enough. Landing pages are an important lead generator, especially pre-launch as you are in the hyping stage.

Unbounce is a landing page creation platform that helps you to make gorgeous, professional tier pages, even if you have never made one in your life. You don’t need to be a graphic or web designer; they lead you through the process step by step, and give you everything you need. All with a focus to convert, not just inform.



This is another form generator, but with a twist. It’s specialty is online quizzes, surveys, and polls. Have you ever seen those quizzes on Facebook that ask what member of FRIENDS you are, for example?

Given the common aesthetic of those tools these days, it was probably made using Engageform.

It is super quick and easy to use, attractive, and effective. Whether you are making something fun to engage your customers and connect to their social media profile, or you are asking them for valuable feedback, you can do it with this tool.


Turnstile is super basic, and that is its strength. You select your email provider, and it will generate contact information for people you want to connect with. That is it, no frills, but all the data you want.

Still need more? They allow you to create custom HTML protocols that can mine for more. But they point out that the most important details are already included.



Marketo is a five-part platform. It covers lead generation, email marketing, mobile marketing, customer based marketing, and consumer marketing. All five of these tasks are automated, and that is a big plus.

Manual prospect mining is among the most tedious, exhausting tasks in sales. Anything that makes it easier and faster is going to be a must have for anyone in the business sector.

When you look at the happy customer list, which includes MyFitnessPal, Glassdoor, and Curves, you see how their features can really be put into practice.

Do you have a multi faceted employee team, such as separate departments for sales, help desk, and social?

If so, is the perfect tool to get them all on board and operating together. It captures customer data at every set point, and send it to everyone who needs it.

Have a tool you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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